Resume format


As a fresher, the resume is mostly factual and objective due to lack of full-time work experience. A job does not just requires skills and knowledge but it also demands responsibility and other values in a person, which is why experience becomes important.

A proper resume format and content layout can present the right attitude required for the job to make up for the lack of experience with maturity and other positive vibes.

Thus, it is required of you to invest efforts and time on your resume, if you are a fresher, for every job application. Having a good resume format makes it easier to customize distinct copies of your resume.


An effectively written resume for freshers will have the following properties:

  • Select a simple and clean resume format with little to no graphical parts.
  • A clear and straight objective statement works best. It can have a little personal touch, ambition, etc but keep it practical.
  • Keep all other sentences objective and to-the-point. Write only as much is needed and no more.
  • A single page resume is considered best for freshers.
  • It is best to avoid irrelevant interests and hobbies unless some awards or something presentable is available.
  • Extra emphasis should be given to any kind of work experience like internships, industrial training, academic projects, volunteering etc. Any kind of organizational and teamwork is relevant to this.

Job search for freshers is an important task and thus, every aspect of it needs to be done carefully. The efforts and maturity is reflected by everything we do and it is what will get you success.